You’re 3 Steps Away From Faux Crown Molding

Adding crown molding to a room is like wearing diamond earrings with a basic outfit. Sure, it isn’t necessary, but it will make everything just look nicer. Unfortunately, just like diamond earrings, legit crown molding can be pricy.

We say, fake it ‘til you make it. Faux crown molding is a simple and affordable project, and adds that touch of je ne sais quoi to any room.

For this project, you’ll need:

  • white paint
  • measuring tape
  • paintbrush
  • painter’s tape

Time commitment: 6 hours or less

How to:

1. Determine the Best Height of Your Crown Molding

With 9-10 foot ceilings, you can get away with up to an eight inch crown molding. With 8 foot ceilings, 3-6 inch crown molding is best. And if you have existing baseboards or window trim, it’s best to mimic those existing heights.

2. Mark Your Desired Width & Apply Painter’s Tape

Measure the width of your crown molding and make pencil marks along the wall every four inches. Then apply painter’s tape along your marks in a straight line.

3. Apply Two Coats of Paint

Apply two coats of paint within the edges of your ceiling and the painter’s tape. When the paint is dry, you can remove your painter’s tape. Bam! Success.

Photo: Sean Gin | HomePolish

via BrightNest | You’re 3 Steps Away From Faux Crown Molding


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