Avoid This Scent in the Kitchen! Plus 20 Other Smell Tips

When it comes to scents, if you typically buy one or two vanilla bean candles and call it quits, you’re missing out! Having a different scent for every room allows you to give each space its own personality. Fragrances can set the stage for anything, from a relaxing evening to an upbeat, exciting party.

Here’s how to choose the right scent for every room in your home:

For the Kitchen and Dining Room

The kitchen and dining area is the best place to have tasty, food-based aromas. Try savory scents like thyme and basil, or go fresh with apple, cucumber or pear. Note: Avoid floral fragrances in these rooms – florals can interfere with both the taste and smell of the food you serve.

For the Living Room

This is the most dynamic space for smells in your home. The scent you choose to fill your living room with should depend on the type of activity. For more relaxed, every-day use, stick to soft floral scents like rose petal or peony.

But, if you’re throwing a party, you should choose a fragrance that gets noticed by your guests – something that emulates a happy, social vibe like wild berry or passion fruit.

For the Bathroom

Getting rid of bathroom stink is no joke! This may be the most important place to use the right smells. The secret to a fresh bathroom? Use scents that conjure up the feeling of being clean, like crisp linens and ocean scents. And when in doubt, go with citrus! Lemon, grapefruit, orange and lime will all do the trick. Tip: If your bathroom is small, avoid heavy, powerful perfumes – it will overwhelm the space.

For the Bedroom

If you think we are going to recommend a certain scent that “gets you in the mood,” you’re absolutely right! Fill your bedroom with fragrances that are natural aphrodisiacs, likelavender, jasmine and sandalwood (used in a majority of colognes and perfumes).

If you’re more concerned about getting a good night’s sleep, go for scents that are made for soothing, stress-relieving aromatherapy. This includes vanilla (which helps induce sleep), eucalyptus and mint (which helps reduces stress levels).



via BrightNest | Avoid This Scent in the Kitchen! Plus 20 Other Smell Tips


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