No Overhead Lamps? Layer Your Lights!

Not all rooms are created equal when it comes to lightning. Some spots may only get two minutes of good natural lightning a day, and if that same room doesn’t have any overhead lighting, it can feel like a cave where a Gollum would feel at home.

Don’t fret. You can solve this problem by layering your lights!

“Layering” a room’s lighting basically means setting up three main types of illumination:

1. General

Also known as ambient lighting, this would be overhead lighting for most rooms. In this case, opt for large floor lamps. An especially good replacement for overhead lights are floor lamps that are arced like this one from West Elm.

2. Task

This type of lighting is designed for a specific purpose, such as desk and reading lamps.Note: This can include table lamps, too.

3. Accent

This low-level lighting can range from scone lighting on the walls to candles, and essentially means the tiny details of light that can help create warmth. A single accent light doesn’t do much, but as a whole team spread across the room, accent lights are the difference between cold Gollum cave and luminescent warmth.

via BrightNest | No Overhead Lamps? Layer Your Lights!


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