The 3 Laws of Refrigerator Placement

Think back – how much careful thought did you put into the placement of your refrigerator? A lot? A little? None at all?

If you didn’t select the location that carefully, don’t sweat it! Here are three simple placement rules that will optimize your fridge’s efficiency. If your current placement goes against any of these guidelines, you might consider rearranging in the future!

1. Avoid Areas That Receive Direct Sunlight

This is the most difficult tip, because designing a kitchen doesn’t always allow unlimited flexibility (we promise it will get easier from here). Although if you do have the option to place your fridge in the shadiest spot in your kitchen, go for it.

2. Watch Out for Heat Vents

If your fridge is near your heating, it’s going to raise the temperature of the machine. It will also require more energy to keep your perishables at the right degree.

3. Be Aware of the “Work Triangle”

The kitchen “work triangle” basically means that you should try to keep an open pathway between your kitchen, oven and sink. For a lot of layouts, this means a triangle arrangement. We think that awareness of your cooking routine is really important when it comes to fridge placement, but following the “work triangle” to the letter isn’t always necessary.

Instead, simply ask yourself: if I moved my fridge to a different spot in the kitchen, would I have an easier time moving around while preparing meals? If the answer is yes, consider a new layout!

via BrightNest | The 3 Laws of Refrigerator Placement


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