The 6 Most Common Lawn and Garden Mistakes

Gardening and lawn care are full of do’s and don’ts – one seemingly simple Google search can leave you confused and overwhelmed. It can be a lot to learn, especially when you’re just starting out. So we decided to give you a few simple don’ts to keep in mind this summer.

Forgetting What You Planted

As your garden grows, you’re much more likely to lose track of what’s planted where – especially in the spring months. To easily identify each plant or vegetable, make plant tags out of Popsicle sticks or try one of these 5 DIY ideas.

Pro Tip: It can also be helpful to draw a basic map of your garden. This will make it easier to keep track of perennials that you can expect to come back next year.

Mowing Grass Too Short

Cutting grass too short can leave it more vulnerable to disease and insects. For the most lush lawns, it’s best to cut only one-third of the lawn’s blade.

Cutting Down Spring Blooms Too Early

Cutting down spring blooms like tulips or daffodils too early in the season may actually prevent flower buds from coming back next year. Wait until the plant’s leaves are turning yellow before trimming back, especially daffodils. If the leaves still look green and healthy, it’s best to leave them alone. If you’re not sure, check out the Farmer’s Almanac online resources for tips.

Hanging Bird Feeders Too Close to Your Home

Bird feeders are a wonderful way to attract wildlife to your yard, but where you decide to place them in is key. If you put suet or birdseed feeders too close to your home, they can attract bugs and even worse, mice.

Make sure the feeder is at least 3 feet away from any siding.

Planting For the Wrong Type of Sunlight

Before you go out and buy a bunch of petunias and peonies, pay attention to the amount of sun different areas of your garden gets. Planting part-shade or shade plants in areas that get more than six hours of sunlight (or vice versa) can be extremely hard on your plants.

Neglecting the Front Yard

The backyard is usually the #1 place for rest and recreation, so the front yard can sometimes get neglected when it comes to curb appeal. If you’ve been putting a lot of time and energy into making your backyard your private oasis, your front yard may need a little love. Think of your front yard as your home’s first impression.

via BrightNest | The 6 Most Common Lawn and Garden Mistakes


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