Hack: Use Bungee Cords to Organize Sports Equipment

One soccer ball in the garage isn’t a problem.

But add tennis equipment, lacrosse gear, a few pool noodles and a loose basketball, and you’ve got yourself a certified mess. Deal with the clutter with a common camping staple: bungee cords.

First, check out your garage. Is the spot right inside the garage door – that foot of wall by the corner – empty? Good! That little sliver of wall is organization gold, and often overlooked.

Next, hang two shelves about three to five feet apart. We like this floating wall shelf for it’s simple design and stellar price ($29), but pick out some shelves that work for your needs.

Once your shelves are up and secure, it’s time to get crafty. Affix hooks or nails into the edge of the shelves, the sides that face you. You want the number of nails in each shelf to match the number of bungee cords at your disposal. So, if you have three bungees, you’ll have six nails total – three in each shelf.

Hook the bungee cord hooks around the nails for a makeshift ball cage. Then, store your sports stuff behind the cords and admire your clean garage. Bonus: This method keeps equipment super accessible, so it will be easier to maintain!

via BrightNest | Hack: Use Bungee Cords to Organize Sports Equipment


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