A Fast (And Totally Free) Way to Refresh Any Room

If you want a room in your house to feel fresh and new, but you don’t want the hassle of budgeting for new furniture, painting the walls, or hunting down new artwork…this little trick is for you!

First, take stock of the accent decorations in the room you want to revamp. For example, your living room probably has throw pillows/blankets, lamps, candles, vases, plants, baskets and books that all count.

Next, collect all of these items and gently put them on the floor (or on a table) in the center of the room. You can even go one step further and take down any art on the walls that’s easily removed, and less-bulky furniture like chairs or side tables.

With your accessories out of the way, the edges of the room should look you’re about to move in. This will give you a fresh perspective.

Now for the fun part!

Put everything back, but not where it originally was! The challenge is to put each item you’ve collected somewhere completely new.

Did you have your lamp on a side table by the couch? Move it next to your reading chair. Hang your art in all new places – each on a new wall.

When you’re done, the room will look and feel completely new. Best of all, you didn’t spend a dime.

via BrightNest | A Fast (And Totally Free) Way to Refresh Any Room


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