Choose Your Own Adventure: DIY Animal Bookends

Forget photo albums and that collector’s addition of The Great Gatsby. These animal bookends are about to be your favorite item on your bookshelf. Go wild and make these DIY animal bookends in just a few simple steps:

You’ll need: two wood blocks, paint (color of your choice), Gorilla Glue and a pair of your favorite plastic, toy animals.

1. Pick up some scrap wood from your local home improvement store. Smaller pieces are usually free, and you can sand them down so they appear more rustic.

2. Choose your paint colors! What hue will look best on your bookcase? Go with spray paint to speed up the process, or take your time with the details and paint your bookends by hand with acrylic paint.

3. Paint the blocks and animals with an even coating. We recommend doing these separately, so it’s easier to get the underside of your toy animals before they’re glued on to your wood blocks. Add a second coat of paint if necessary, and let them dry overnight.

4. Once dry, apply glue to the bottom of your animal’s feet – we went with elephants so there was no problem having enough surface area to glue down! Press the animal onto the newly painted wood block. Give the glue at least 24 hours to fully dry.



via BrightNest | Choose Your Own Adventure: DIY Animal Bookends


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