There’s a Better Way to Keep Your Oven Clean

What’s better than the latest oven-cleaning hack? A way to avoid oven cleaning altogether! Here’s how:

Use an oven-safe liner to catch the charred nasties that accumulate in there. Once it gets too gross to handle, just change out the liner!

Here’s the big question, though: how do you know which oven liners are safe? Here’s a rundown of your options.

A cheap, easy oven liner option is aluminum foil. You can just cut the foil to fit, and layer it beneath the burner element. However, this option doesn’t work with gas ovens! Also, aluminum has a 1221 degrees Fahrenheit melting point (so it’s unlikely to burn) but it may damage your oven and cause food to heat unevenly.

Note: We heard from several of our users that aluminum foil can bond with a modern oven and ruin it. Read your oven’s manual to see if aluminum liners are safe to use.

A better option is a silicone oven liner. Silicone is FDA approved, and is inert. It doesn’t react with food or liquids, or release toxic fumes. It’s a man-made, synthetic material that is created when oxygen and silicon bond, and is safe up to 450 degrees fahrenheit.

Whichever liner you choose, it’s a good idea to check product labels for fillers like fiberglass, which could make their way into your food if you plan on trimming the mat to fit your oven.

Not sure if the mat contains fillers? If you twist it and see white illuminated in the material, it contains fillers or toxic oils. These could contribute to a smoky, chemical smell during use, which is definitely bad news. Here is a great, filler-free silicone oven liner.

via BrightNest | There’s a Better Way to Keep Your Oven Clean


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