The Best Bathroom Cleaning Trick Ever

When’s the last time you cleaned your tile grout? Don’t remember? Yeah, it’s an easy one to forget. However, cleaning tile grout doesn’t have to be the black sheep of bathroom cleaning. We’re going to let you in on a little secret: you can clean your dirty grout while you’re taking a shower! By adding a few extra supplies to your shower-caddy and about one minute to your bathing routine, you’ll keep your grout mold- and mildew-free with minimal effort. Here’s how to successfully pull off the best bathroom trick ever:

1.) Gather baking soda, a spray bottle of vinegar, a plastic cup and an old toothbrush and keep these items in or near your shower. You can use the cup to hold most of the supplies, but be sure to store the baking soda in a waterproof, sealable container so that it stays dry when you’re not using it.

2.) Strip down and wash up! Once you’re done cleaning yourself (and maybe your loofah, too), sprinkle the baking soda along the grout you want to clean. There’s no need to tackle all of the dirty tile grout in one shower session, just do a little bit at a time! Let the water from your showerhead mix with the baking soda to form a paste.

3.) Turn the showerhead away from your grout (or if necessary, turn the water off). Grab your spray bottle and spray the vinegar along your grout, on top of the baking soda. The mix of vinegar and baking soda will bubble up – that means it’s working!

4.) Wait for the bubbling to die down, and then scrub the grout with your old toothbrush. Bonus:Since the grout is already wet, it will be easier to loosen dirt and grime.

5.) Fill up your cup with running water and rinse the area to remove any residue. If there’s still a little gunk left, try repeating the process. If not, you’re done! Don’t forget to turn on yourbathroom exhaust fan for at least ten minutes after your steamy shower to prevent future mold growth!

via BrightNest | The Best Bathroom Cleaning Trick Ever


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