6 Killer Decor Pieces for Small Spaces

Let’s get one thing straight: you should never have to sacrifice style for space. Finding the right furniture for a small home or apartment isn’t impossible, but it’s definitely a challenge. That’s why we decided to round up some of the best small-space decor pieces on the market right now. Take a look:


1. Living Room: Space-Saving Table

Not to jump the gun or anything, but we were pretty excited when we laid eyes on this table and chairs set. The bar set has a foldable table leaf that extends for bar seating for two people, and the stools can actually fit underneath the table when not in use. There’s even a set of drawers for storage! And, it’s portable – wheel it out of the way when you need more space.


2. Bathroom: Ultra-Thin Cabinet

Even if you don’t have a small home, chances are you have at least one small bathroom. And if it’s not small, we’re willing to bet there’s at least one area of awkward, unused space. That’s where this cabinet comes in – it fits where nothing else ever will. Tip: This storage cabinet doesn’t have to be confined to the bathroom – it can work as slim storage for your kitchen (think pantry items) or your living room.


3. Kitchen: Multifunctional Breakfast Maker

If this thing looks and sounds a little ridiculous, that’s because it’s a little absurd. (Kinda reminds us of something you’d see in the Jetsons.) But, if you’re really crunching the numbers on space-saving techniques, this appliance will get rid of three, depending on how committed you are. And that’s a lot of countertop space that you get back!

4. Bedroom: Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet

This mirror is sort of like a two-fer. It’s a full-length mirror that is classy enough to stand in any bedroom, and it’s also a jewelry cabinet! The mirror can swing open (like a medicine cabinet in your bathroom, but better) to reveal a ton of jewelry storage. Tip: Got your jewelry storage figured out? No problem! This cabinet can hold small garments, scarves or headbands, too.


5. Living Room: Lacquer Storage Coffee Table

What makes the perfect coffee table? Style, sophistication and function, we say. And this coffee table nails all three. Its unique design allows for an ingenious hiding spot: secretly stash anything from magazines to throw blankets inside the center of the table!


6. Anywhere: Corner Shelving

If you’re really looking to maximize every square inch of your home (without making it clutter-central) then this shelving piece was made for you. This piece can be a great accent to your home’s decor because it takes up space you would never use anyways: the corner of a wall.

via BrightNest | 6 Killer Decor Pieces for Small Spaces


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