Need to Clean? Get Motivated with a Cleaning Playlist

When you have a messy house, it’s time to get your head in the game and start cleaning. But how can you motivate yourself to start tackling the clutter and dirt? Pump up the jams! No, seriously. Nothing will get you more in the mood to tackle soap scum and unsightly surface stains than a rockin’ cleaning playlist.

Follow these tips to create your own killer cleaning playlist:

1. Find Music that Makes You Move

The same type of music you listen to for morning runs and late night dance parties is perfect for your cleaning routine, too. The more movin’ and groovin’ you do, the more fun you’ll have! Use music to make picking up your home feel less like a chore and more like a choreographed dance routine. Go ahead, pretend like you’re in your favorite music video.

2. Curate Carefully

Nothing disrupts the flow of a cleaning dance party like having to stop, put down the sponge and switch to the next song.  To avoid this, only add songs to your playlist you and your partner enjoy. If you can’t agree on a song, leave it off. If you get tired of hearing a particular tune, delete it. That way, your mood won’t turn sour because of a song you dislike, or something you’re sick of listening to.

3. Keep it Updated

To keep yourself energized and – dare we say it – looking forward to cleaning, make sure to update your playlist with a few new songs regularly. Change up the order of your playlist, add new songs you hear on the radio or ask friends to send you some of their favorites. The more you update your playlist, the more you’ll enjoy listening along!


What are your favorite cleaning playlist songs? Tell us in the comments!

Here are a few of BrightNest’s favorite cleaning jams:

Pop Jams

Hip-Hop Jams

80’s and 90’s Jams

Classic Jams

Country Jams

via BrightNest | Need to Clean? Get Motivated with a Cleaning Playlist


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