3 Surprising Coconut Oil Facts (and 1 Lie)

One of these four statements is a big, fat coconut oil lie. Can you tell which “fact” isn’t true?

1) It repels mosquitos

2) It’s an anti-inflammatory

3) It has an SPF of 15

4) It whitens teeth

If you guessed that number 3 is a lie, you were right! Well, kind of. Coconut oil really does have SPF, but it’s only SPF 4.

If coconut oil had a resume, it would be pretty impressive. In addition to being a natural sunscreen, coconut oil can also be used as an age-defying skin lotion, an olive oil substitute and a hair conditioner.

Here are three lesser-known ways to use coconut oil:

Repel Mosquitos

Coconut oil is a natural mosquito repellant and is safe to apply on your skin. Plus, it won’t dry out your skin like most bug sprays. For more mosquito-fighting tricks, read Pest Control: Mosquitos.

Alleviate Swelling

Apply coconut oil to the skin as an anti-inflammatory. It will also help swelling with acne and bug bites, and has been known to lessen arthritis pain.

Whiten Teeth

Rinse your mouth with coconut oil for 30-seconds every morning, and you’ll see whiter teeth over time. It certainly won’t be as effective as bleaching your teeth, but it’s completely natural.

This method is also known as “oil pulling” and has health benefits, too. Rinsing with coconut oil will break down plaque and bacteria, cleaning your mouth and improving your health.

How do you use coconut oil around the home? Tell us in the comments!

via BrightNest | 3 Surprising Coconut Oil Facts (and 1 Lie)


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