2X4: Four Futuristic Gadgets that Exist Now

The Jetsons may have lived in the year 2062, but many of their futuristic gadgets are available NOW. Check out these four blasts from the future:

Photos: Lockitron / Magimix

SmartPhone Controlled Lock. Secure your home on the go, be alerted when someone else unlocks your door and have peace of mind with Lockitron. Unlike other home automation locks, Lockitron doesn’t require a new lock. Instead, you cover your existing lock with their box, download the app and start lockin’. Note: The Lockitron is back ordered until May 2014, but you can preorder now.

Transparent Toaster. With the Colored Vision Toaster by Magimix, burnt toast is a thing of the past. Why? The secret is quartz elements, which give constant heat for consistent browning. Plus, it’s see-through, which allows you to eject your toast at exactly the right moment. Still not convinced? The Magimix Colored Vision Toaster comes in three different colors, so it’ll look great in almost any kitchen!

Photos: D’E-LightEyenimal

Desk Light & SmartPhone Dock. Bedside lamps usually fall under the “functional” furniture category, but this D’E-Light Table Lamp breaks that mold. Sure, it costs a bit more than your run-of-the-mill lamp, but it’s sleek, elegant and you’ll never have to fumble for a cell phone charger again – the lamp comes with a docking station for your iPhone, iPod or iPad! (Plus, it’s 15% off until March 20.)

Collar with a Camera. Have you ever wondered what your pets do when you’re away from the house? Now’s your chance! Fasten the Eyenimal camera to your pet’s collar and the camera does the rest. You’ll be at their eye level all day. This option takes your typical “pet-cam” a step further because it travels with your pet, rather than relying on them to pose for a shot!

via BrightNest | 2X4: Four Futuristic Gadgets that Exist Now


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