Get More From Your Mudroom: Ideas and Tricks

Think of your mudroom as a buffer zone between the outside world and your home. It prevents mud, snow and water from being tracked through the front door, and keeps dirty rain boots and parkas from ruining the look of your main entryway. However, if you take this “function room” for granted, it won’t serve you very well!

Here are five ways to get the most from your mudroom:

1. Use it for extra storage space. Expand your mudroom’s functionality by adding a few extra storage bins or baskets for outdoor items like sports gear, garden shoes and lawn toys. If you’re ever caught off guard with unexpected company, all that extra storage space may come in handy for hiding excess clutter.

2. Heat your home more efficiently. Mudrooms do more than serve as transition zones – they also keep cold air from wafting into the main rooms of houses. But remember, this only works if you keep the door to your mudroom closed! Bonus: The second door will also reduce the amount dust and pollen that enters your home.

3. Use a catch-all entry rug. Placing a multi-purpose indoor/outdoor rug in your mudroom will protect your floors from the dirt and grime that gets tracked in on your shoes. These rugs are easy to clean, too! Basically, you just hose them off and let them air-dry outside.

4. Don’t skimp on shelving. The more pegs and shelf space you have in your mudroom, the less messy it will look. Shelf pegs or wall hooks are great for hanging your wet coats, keys, umbrellas and dog leashes all in one place.

5. Customize for your family. Your mudroom deserves as much personality as any other room in your house. Add a comfortable bench or chair to remove shoes and boots. If you have kids, personalize a spot for them with nametags so that it’s easier for them to stay organized. Forgetful spouse? Turn some wall space into a chalkboard for reminders as they leave the house.

Even if you don’t have a mudroom, there’s likely one spot in your house that you can turn into a “mud area” like a corner of your garage or part of the laundry room. This may take a little extra planning, but it will pay off in the long run when your kids aren’t dragging dirt all over the house and leaving their shoes in unpredictable places!

via BrightNest | Get More From Your Mudroom: Ideas and Tricks


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