A Whole New (Water) World! 6 Smart Home Uses

Water is a necessary part of life. Plus, it’s pretty dang enjoyable to drink after a dehydrating night out, or dipping into a cool pool on a hot summer day.

But water can do more than keep you cool and keep you alive.

Here are six, smart ways to use water.

1. Use Hot Water to Sanitize

Wiping down your countertop with hot-but-not-scalding water will kill gross bacteria andsave you money on cleaning supplies. Plus, it’s an all-natural solution! If you want to go the extra mile, mix white vinegar into a solution of hot water and wipe down counters, chairs, and even floors.

2. Recycle Water for Plants

After your pasta is cooked al dente, there’s no reason to throw the water down the drain. When the pasta is ready, place a bowl in your sink under the colander. Let the water cool, and then use it to water your plants. The carbohydrates help your soil release more nutrients for your plants to eat.

Note: Only do this sporadically, not every time you water your plants. Also, avoid salting your pasta water if you know you’re going to feed it to your plants.

3. Destink Your Drain

If your sink is smelling stinky, you don’t have to dump chemicals down the drain to rid the kitchen of the smell. Boil a pot of water and then dump the hot water down the drain – the water will flush any gunk and kill odor causing bacteria.

Safety Note: Pour slowly to avoid splashing scalding water on yourself!

4. Plant A Runoff Garden

Strategically place your outside vegetable or herb garden next to run-off rain gutters. Your garden will get all the water it needs without you having to constantly remember to water it, and it will save you money – it can cost an additional $150 to water your garden during the warmer months.

5. Steam Clothes

Wrinkly shirt right before an event? Seal your bathroom doors and windows so no air leaks out, and hang your shirt up on the shower rod or under the shower head (just be sure the water won’t hit your clothes!) and take an extra hot shower. The shower steam will loosen wrinkles so by the time you’re done with your normal shower routine, your once-wrinkly clothes are ready to wear.

6. Put Wasted Shower Water to Use

It’s a wasteful habit, but we all do it – letting the shower run for a few minutes while it warms up can add to your water bill and waste a precious (and expensive) resource. Instead of letting that quality H20 down the drain, place a bucket under the faucet to catch the running water as it starts to warm up.

Then, use that water to hydrate houseplants, water an outside garden, or to wash patio furniture.

via BrightNest | A Whole New (Water) World! 6 Smart Home Uses


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