The 11 Best Candles on the Internet that Will Improve Any Room

Photo: West Elm

The best candles for the home meet three no-nonsense standards:

  1. It compliments a room’s decor.
  2. It brings an element of style into the space
  3. Most obviously, it should smell amazing!

Here are our favorite candles from across the internet that you should probably just buy right now:

Pineapple Scented Candle

This pineapple-shaped ceramic candle is too perfect not too add to your home, no matter what time of year. We think it would look nice as a bookend or placed along a shelf in the living room – so trendy!

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Basil Scent

Photo: Mrs. Meyers

We’ve certainly touted the joys of Mrs. Meyer’s home cleaners before, and now you can experience the amazing basil scent in candle-form! Eliminate kitchen odors with this fresh scent. Tip: If you have a bit of fragrance ADD, order it in a petite container to try different scents throughout the home.

Geo-Metal Scented Candles

Photo: West Elm

Geometric decor is still totally in. These metallic-finished candles are perfect and small enough to go along your bathroom cabinets or sink.

Lavender Soy Wax Aromatherapy Candle

Photo: Wax and Oils

There’s no way we could skip over the aroma therapeutic benefits of this candle! For a relaxing, soothing scent, go with lavender – this is great for baths or in your favorite reading nook.

Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Tealights

Photo: WBM LLC

When we talk about candles that make a statement, this would definitely be one of them. If there’s a room in your home that is going for that meditative, yogi-vibe, this is a great find. This particular candle claims to work as an air purifier by “emitting negative ions into the air.” It’s also one of Amazon’s best-sellers on the list.

Caldrea Essentials Collection Patterned Glass in Citron Ginger

Photo: Target

Want something a bit more modern? Reuse this jar as a glass or decorative vase when you’ve finished burning the wick.

Northern Lights Candles Esque Polished Globe in Colbalt

Photo: Northern Lights Candles

Grab this painted glass candle for your living room or bedroom. When lit, this candle produces a beautiful glow and show off the decorative designs unique to each color.

Royal Apothic Conservation Collection Candle

Photo: Royal Apothic

Add some ancient European flare with this ombre-tinted candle from Anthropologie. This soy wax candle will burn up to 60 hours and is only $26.

Spice Jar Scented Candles

Photo: West Elm

Okay, it might be a wee-bit early to be thinking about the holidays, but we can’t get enough of these spice jar scented candles from West Elm. Choose from tons of scents like coffee, ginger, sage, or even nutmeg and allspice for some festive scents in your kitchen. Plus, these would make adorable stocking stuffers (if you really want to plan ahead).

Market Kitchen Candles

Bring garden scents and beachside getaways into your home with these scents. Choose from Coriander and Sea Salt (summertime all the time), or more herbal fragrances like Olive Leaf and Lemon.

via BrightNest | The 11 Best Candles on the Internet that Will Improve Any Room


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