Easiest Wall Art Ever!

Every once in awhile, you read a tip on the internet that’s so simple and obvious, it blows your mind.

This is one of those times.

The problem: Art is the best way to dress up a wall, but art is pretty dang expensive.

The solution: Frame a cool postcard.

Boom, done. How does your mind feel? PRETTY MUCH BLOWN, RIGHT!?


You can find a $.25 ($.50 if they’re oversized) postcard at just about any gift shop or destination gas station. And most of them will include professional photography or fun art.

Bonus: Postcards aren’t the only thing worth framing! Old scarf with an awesome pattern lying around? Frame it. Leftover fabric from a craft project? Frame it. Ticket stubs? Frame, please!

What else have you framed to make inexpensive art?

via BrightNest | Easiest Wall Art Ever!


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