2X4: All Pumpkin’d Out? Try Another Fall Flavor

We love pumpkin as much as the next person, but your taste buds will thank you if you rotate other fall flavors like apple and acorn squash through your kitchen, too. Instead of another slice of pumpkin pie, try one of these instead:

Apple. Red delicious. Granny Smith. Gala. Fuji. There are plenty of apples to be picked during the fall. Turn a bushel into “shrunken heads” for a creepy (and impressive) addition to your Halloween party, or cover a couple with caramel for a more traditional fall treat. If Halloween isn’t your thing, make these baked apples for a dessert that will please all season long. How ‘bout them apples?

Sweet Potato. Whether you call them yams or sweet potatoes, this root vegetable is an easy-to-make, delicious fall favorite. Go old school and eat it baked with a little bit of butter and brown sugar, or jump on the sweet potato French fry trend that’s sweeping America. Sweet potato fries are healthier than their classic fry brothers, and they’re easy to make in your oven at home. All you need is olive oil, sweet potatoes and salt and pepper. Check out BHG’s step-by-step instructions.

Acorn Squash. We have the Native Americans to thank for this nutty, winter squash, who introduced it to the early European settlers. You can purchase acorn squash for a dollar or less per pound, so there’s no excuse not to try it (even if you’re a squash hater). Grab a little butter and a few teaspoons of brown sugar, roast your acorn squash in the oven and enjoy its natural flavors, or try this quinoa and feta cheese-stuffed version.

Rhubarb. Ah, rhubarb. It may be hard to grow, and hard to define (is it a fruit? Is it a vegetable?), but it’s pretty delicious, so we keep on cooking it. Whether you’re pairing it with strawberries in a pie or eating it a la mode in a tart, rhubarb is the perfect pie substitute. Make this Betty Crocker rhubarb pie once and you’ll be saying, “pumpkin, who?” between big, delicious bites. Bonus: This recipe doesn’t even call for fresh rhubarb – frozen works just as well!

via BrightNest | 2X4: All Pumpkin’d Out? Try Another Fall Flavor


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