The Spookiest Snack in Town: Tombstone Pudding Cups

Halloween is right around the corner, which means one thing: It’s time for some scary (and chocolate-packed) snacks. We’ve seen all kinds of great ideas, like witches’ hat cookies, but our favorite Halloween-themed snacks are these tombstone cookies.

This recipe is fast and easy to make, so it’s a great choice if you have a little one in the house that likes to play chef. Enjoy!


1. Crush up the Chocolate Cookies

We suggest using Oreos or Newman-O’s. Use the bottom of one of your glass cups and set the crumbles aside.

2. Add Pudding to Bowls

Using a spoon, transfer one pudding pack into each of your glass cups. Tip: Refigerate your pudding beforehand to make sure all of your graveyard ingrendients stay in place.

3. Sprinkle Crushed Cookies on Pudding

Add the crushed-up cookies on top of the pudding to serve as your graveyard dirt.

4. Decorate the Milano Cookies

Using your black gel icing, decorate your “tombstone” cookies – writing RIP is a great touch!

5. Add Tombstones and Decorations to Pudding

Place the tombstones into the pudding. Prop them up with toothpicks if the igredients are having trouble staying in place. Add decorative ghosts, skeletons or pumpkins to your graveyard scene! We used these from our local party store.  Enjoy your spooky treat!

via BrightNest | The Spookiest Snack in Town: Tombstone Pudding Cups


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