2X4: Life’s A Peach

You don’t have to be like James and live in a giant peach to enjoy this summertime favorite! Here are four ways to enjoy all things peach:


Paint Peach Walls. For a bright look, paint your walls peach! This hue fits nicely in between pink and orange, which makes it perfect for a little girl’s room or an elegant dining nook. If you want to avoid the pinkish tint, opt for a bold peach with red undertones. We also recommend pairing your peach walls with bright blue and green accents. To learn more about painting the perfect wall, read: Interior Painting – Color Choice And Quick Tips.

Mix Peach Sangria. Beat the summer heat with a tall glass of ice-cold peach sangria. All you need for this cool take on the Spanish classic is a bottle of your favorite white wine, peach schnapps, lemonade, fresh peaches and a few green grapes. For the full recipe, visit Just Be Splendid. Tip: If you’re serving the sangria at a party, mix it the day before and let it chill overnight. Time allows the flavors to blend together and improves the drink’s taste!

Bake Peach Cobbler. Whether you’re fixing dinner for two or feeding an entire crew, peach cobbler is the perfect complement to any summer meal. We recommend baking your cobbler in individual dishes for a nice presentation and easy storage! This 6-serving cobbler recipe only needs eight ingredients and about twenty minutes of your time! For step-by-step instructions, visit Southern Living.

Decorate With Peach. Like bell-bottoms, peach is one trend that’s come back with a punch! Instead of pairing peach with other light colors like yellow, opt for mixing your peach hue with bright blues or even black. Try adding some subtle peach with a throw pillow or picture frame, or be bold and include an all-peach piece of furniture in your décor.

More delicious peach desserts to satisfy your craving:
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via BrightNest | 2X4: Life’s A Peach


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