Are You As Cool As A Cucumber?

Whether you prefer yours sliced, pickled or soaked in vodka, cucumbers are a food staple during the summer! Add a homegrown crunch to your salads and sandwiches by planting cucumbers in your garden. All you need are a few seeds, a lot of light and a little heat.

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

Think ahead about how you’ll use your cucumbers, because there are two distinct varieties: Pickling and slicing. To learn more about growing cucumbers, read: Summer Garden Series: Cucumbers.

Stuffed Cucumber @ White on Rice Couple

Cucumber Gimlet @ Bon Appetit

Cucumber & Hummus @ Fat Free Vegan Kitchen

Cucumber Salad @ Yum Sugar

Cucumber Punch @ Taste of Home

Cucumber Soup @ Pham Fatale

Cucumber Granita @ Bon Appetit

Japanese Cucumber Salad @ Leite’s Culinaria

Cucumber Sandwich @ Good Life Eats

Cucumber Lemonade @ A Beautiful Mess 

Cucumber Melon Cocktail @ Coffee & Whine

via BrightNest | Are You As Cool As A Cucumber?


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