Does Your Apartment Vibrate? Fixes that Help Tame Vibration – Improvised Life


(Video link HERE.) After my bed started shaking me awake due to a mysterious mechanical vibration, I tried MANY possible fixes through trial-and-error.  Quite a few desperate, vibration-plagued readers wrote asking for a summary of the solutions I found. Assuming you are a NOT an off-the-charts-sensitive person like me, they may provide relief while you try to hunt down the source of the vibration (the hot links will take you to the details, or just search “vibration” to see everything I tried).Meanwhile, check out New Zealand musician Nigel Stanford‘s dazzling audio frequency visualizations that illustrates the effect of frequencies on matter — including our bed and us.

6 Most Effective Fixes for Taming Vibration:

Sleep in a bed made of wood, not metal. (It makes a HUGE difference.) If possible, support the long spans and center by rigging additional wooden legs. Elevate the legs on hockey pucks.

vibrating bed fix wood blocks

—Try placing your bed platform on legs made of yoga blocks and open-cell foam rubber.


Counter the vibration with another vibration. I found two ways to do this:
1. place the bass sub-woofer of a speaker system directly against the bed frame. If possible, place the speakers outside the room, or cover them with towels to dampen their sound. Wear ear plugs. Using a downloadable app, play a single tone through the speaker system

Sally Schneider

2. sleep wearing good noise-cancelling headphones playing sounds that take your attention away from the vibration (or counter them altogether). Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Headphones have been worth every penny of their $299. I use them almost every night.

Bose noise cancelling ear buds

ia Does Your Apartment Vibrate? Fixes that Help Tame Vibration – Improvised Life


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