10 Closet Faux Pas You Should Avoid

Your closet is actually a lot like a boyfriend. It keeps you warm. It’s (almost) always there for you. It never picks up after itself. And it doesn’t like to do laundry.

Also, you can make closet mistakes. They’re different from boyfriend mistakes (getting passive aggressive with your closet isn’t really a thing), but they’re mistakes nonetheless.

Here are ten likely culprits – some have to do with the closet itself, and others are questionable fashion choices you might be making.

Acting Like You Only Have One Shelf

Turn one shelf into two by using storage boxes as a base. You’ll make room for purses, shoes and more piles of clothes on top.

Continuing to Keep Skirts from College in There

You looked great in that miniskirt, you really did. And your legs would look fantastic in it now if you put it on. But let’s be honest, you’re not going to. Take all those nostalgic outfits from your undergrad days and get rid of ‘em.

Mixing Your Clothing Piles

Sure, it may seem fun and exciting to stack those jeans right alongside your sweaters. But it’s an organizing disaster! Try these pile dividers for your closet if the temptation to mix and match is problematic.

Storing “Aspirational” Outfits That Don’t Fit

It’s tempting to get a pair of jeans or a dress that you’ll diet-or-exercise your way into. But we don’t think it’s a great habit. First of all, it means you’re taking up precious closet space with clothing you’re not wearing. Second, you should wear things you feel comfortable and beautiful in now!

Limiting Your Clothing Storage to Just Your Closet

If you’re running low on space, you can use stacked suitcases for extra storage. If it’s a stylish suitcase, you can use it as a bedside table or a table at the foot of the bed. Keep accessories, out-of-season clothes, or any items you don’t need every day in your suitcase storage.

Settling for a Single Level of Hangers

You can use a pull tab from a soda can to layer hangers. If you’re not a fan of soda, you can use these hangers for your shirts and dresses and these hangers for your skirts and pants. Cha ching – one closet becomes two!

Letting Your Jewelry Get Knotted

Jewelry storage requires uber separation. This clear-pocket hanging storage will make your life easier on the daily.

Tolerating Empty Wall Space

Capitalize on every empty wall in your closet. Small hanging racks for purses, hats or coats are a great way to fill the space across from your hanging clothes or in the inside of the closet door. You could also hang necklaces on a nail.

Thinking Tube Tops Are a Good Idea

There’s just too much risk involved here, ladies. And remember, the guy who invented strapless bras never had to wear one, which is probably why they’re so uncomfortable.

Pretending You Can See in the Dark

If you can’t see a piece of clothing, you probably won’t put it on. And a lot of closets suffer from bad lighting. If this sounds like you, throw an extra light on the wall. These lights stick to the wallso they’re a good choice.

via BrightNest | 10 Closet Faux Pas You Should Avoid


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