2X4: Four Ways To Keep Cool

Rising temperatures don’t have to mean a higher AC bill! Try one of these four ways to beat the heat without turning up the AC:


Photo 2: Plumen 

Freeze Your Pie. Commonly known as icebox pie in the South, this cool take on a classic dessert has been relieving people from the heat for generations. So trade in your warm pecan and pumpkin for a cool key-lime or lemon pie! Plus, icebox pies are simple to make. Just blend, whip, pour and freeze your ingredients. To start, try making this easy strawberry icebox pie and impress your guests.

Switch To CFL’s. By simply switching to these energy-efficient light bulbs, your home will be cooler because CFL’s don’t get nearly as hot as traditional incandescent light bulbs. Plus, CFL bulbs will save you money because they use one-fifth of the power and last six to ten times longer on average than an old-school incandescent. To learn more about CFL’s, read: CFL is the New Incandescent: Are You Ready For The Switch?

Rotate Your Fan. Instead of blowing warm air around the room, use your fan to blast the heat from your house! If you use a floor fan, simply place it in the windowsill so it faces out (trust us, it works). If you have a ceiling fan, switch the fan direction so that it moves clockwise instead of counterclockwise. Be safe, and make sure you turn the fan off before adjusting. This change will push the hot air up against the ceiling and away from you! For more ceiling fan tips, read: Clean Your Ceiling Fans.

Make Fruit Ice Cubes. Nothing helps beat the heat like a tall glass of water. To spice up your agua, try adding some unique ice cubes! They’re impressive and easy to make. First, choose your favorite fruit. If your fruit is large, like an orange or lemon, chop it into small pieces. Then, place the fruit in an ice cube mold and add water. Leave the tray in the freezer for six to eight hours. To see our favorite ice cube examples, read: Clean Water & Creative Ice Cubes.

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