So, You Bought a New House. Now What?

Photo: LittleSketchyCards | Etsy

Owning your first home is a bit like exploring a foreign country – it’s new, exciting and a lot of the time you’re not sure what you’re doing.

While it may be fun to decorate your new living room, when it’s time to start tackling issues like clogged dryer ducts and cleaning out gutters, it can start to feel like you’ve taken a wrong turn down a strange alley.

Don’t freak out, we’ve made a map! You can totally borrow it.

BrightNest put together the New Homeowner Guide to help you take great care of your first home without getting completely overwhelmed.

We’ll get you started with 10 important first steps every new homeowner should take to ensure their house stays healthy and safe for the whole family, even pets! To sweeten the deal, these tasks will help increase the value of your home year over year, so you can start protecting your investment from day one.

Welcome home! Let’s get started.

via BrightNest | So, You Bought a New House. Now What?


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