5 Things to Remove From Your Closet, Right Now

Cleaning out your closet always seems like such a drag. Decisions, decisions. The secret is to avoid overthinking the process. If any of the following items are stashed in your closet, it’s time to purge!

Toss or donate these five things right now.

Old Bags & Purses

Over time, it’s easy to collect pocketbooks, handbags and backpacks that get used less and less. What felt fashionable just a year or two ago may feel outdated today. Let’s be honest, that’s probably why they’re pushed towards the back of your closet.

Any Clothes with Holes

If you have too many clothes in your closet, this is an easy way to eliminate the bottom of your wardrobe barrel. That means jeans, socks, tank tops and undergarments. Note: If you have a shirt or blouse with a ripped seam, it can be repaired by a local tailor, so save those!

Jeans that Just Don’t Fit Right

If week after week goes by and you find yourself avoiding wearing a particular pair of jeans, there is a reason! Take a peek into your drawers. If there is any denim you find there that you haven’t worn in the last two months, it’s time to reconsider.

Itchy Sweaters

You know the ones. They may look great, but if the uncomfortable material or tags will never stop bothering you, it’s not worth keeping this type of garment.

Warped or Damaged Shoes

It’s easy to amass a big collection of tennis shoes, summer sandals and flats, especially if the price is right. But over time, shoes can lose their shape, making them uncomfortable and actually cause pain to your feet and back. If any shoes have tears, worn-down heels or soles, give them the boot!

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