Room of the Day: Couple Downsizes to a Condo Home in Stages

“We just couldn’t do it cold turkey,” homeowner Cathi Campbell says. She and her husband, John, were maintaining a 5,000-square-foot empty nest outside of Vancouver, Canada, and with retirement looming, they believed they were ready to make a big change. But rather than paring down and moving into a home one-fifth the size all at once, they eased into the transition. They rented a condo in the city to test their hunch that living closer to all the art, culture and restaurants and not relying on a car so much would suit them, and to help them figure out which neighborhood they liked best.

It turned out they loved city life, so they bought a 1,000-square-foot, two-bedroom condo, got rid of everything that held no emotional attachment, moved in with what they thought they could fit and wound up with three large storage units full to overflowing. Faced with a “sea of boxes” in the condo and struggling to reconcile their antiques with the condo’s contemporary architecture, they called in interior designer Lori Steeves. She helped them freshen up some of their existing pieces and add new furnishings and lighting that bridged the gap between 100-plus-year-old antiques and their modern high-rise.

via Room of the Day: Couple Downsizes to a Condo Home in Stages


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