Get more from Your Mayo: Deviled Eggs and Drink Ring Removal

The Best Deviled Eggs | The Curvy Carrot

We don’t suggest using mayo in every meal, but it’s a crucial ingredient to deviled eggs, and what would spring be without deviled eggs? Whether you’re partial to eggs with avocado, bacon or paprika, these recipes are devilishly good and deserve a spot at your table.

Once you’ve finished preparing this springtime classic, use the leftover mayo to erase drink rings from a wooden table! To do this, dip a soft cloth into a jar of real mayonnaise. Lightly rub the drink ring with the cloth until it’s completely coated with mayo. Allow the condiment to sit for several hours (or overnight if the ring is extra stubborn). Then, wipe the mayonnaise away with a clean cloth. If mayo doesn’t do the trick, try white vinegar!

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via BrightNest | Get More from Your Mayo: Deviled Eggs and Drink Ring Removal


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